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"I have been coming to Dr. Healy since 1999 and he is fantastic. His depth of knowledge about the body and ability to both diagnose and fix all my problems has been amazing."  - Amy 

"Doc Healy got me fixed when other professionals couldn’t do it. It’s that simple. He helps with preventative maintenance so I can do my job as a roofing contractor. He’s the best, that’s simply it." - Tyler

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The Doc Healy Scale - Our stated mission  

The unique and individualized approach we employ combines the chemical, emotional and structural modalities of applied kinesiological therapies with the hands-on, physical adjustments of chiropractic care and nutritional counseling to remove years of built-up adaptive layers standing between you and an optimal state of well-being.

We treat all manner of acute or chronic conditions ranging from nagging back, knee, shoulder or arm pain from arthritis, misuse or congenital issues to digestive, endocrine, immunity conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, seasonal allergies or fibromyalgia to other neurological and 

chemical disorders such as fatigue, attention deficit disorder or chronic headaches.

We treat everyone from toddlers to senior citizens, athletes to armchair quarterbacks and everyone in between. Some of the patients we deliver the most remarkable results for are those who have been through the ‘system’, seen numerous doctors or specialists about their nagging condition and have not been able to find a positive result. 

is to bring the patient to a higher level of health. As such, our metric is a glass half-full assessment of pain management.

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Your first appointment - What   

Conditions treated - from nagging, more

chronic ailments to acute, debilitating conditions, we are able to help patients with a wide variety of aches, pains and illnesses .

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to expect to during your first visit to our Madison, CT office. Plus useful forms and other information.

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About KC Chiropractic & Wellness

I am Dr. Kevin Healy. I started this practice almost two decades ago to provide natural, integrated and proven therapies that solve what my patients think are unhealable conditions, reduce the likelihood of future dysfunction and generally help my patients experience a higher level of health.